LapLink PCmover for Windows 7 LapLink has produced a new version of its PCmover file transfer software to make it easier for users to upgrade from Windows XP or Vista to Windows 7. The new version of PCmover is expected to cost $19.99.

LapLink will start selling the new version of PCmover for Windows 7 from 1 October via its website and will have retail copies in stores by 20 October. Microsoft's new operating system goes onsale worldwide on 22 October.

Microsoft expects Windows XP users who want to move to Windows 7 to perform a brand-new installation, rather than an in-place upgrade. This is a more time-consuming and more complicated process than that required to switch from Windows Vista to Windows 7.

LapLink says that there are 66 distinct "upgrade scenarios" for Windows 7, but only 14 of these are supported by Microsoft. It therefore says there is a clear market demand for a migration tool such as PCmover. The software works will all versions of Windows from 95 onwards.

Last week Microsoft warned that making the move from a current installation of Windows to Windows 7 could take as long as 20 hours.

Most of the time required to switch from one operating system to another is down to the need to back up data, copy and reinstall programs. Migration software allows the user to automate some of the process and takes care of the settings and preferences.

According to LapLink, "PCmover automatically moves all settings, files, folders, applications and more to a new PC". Unlike other such programs, LapLink says, PCmover moves applications.

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LapLink PCmover for Windows 7


LapLink PCmover for Windows 7

LapLink makes it easier to move from one operating system to another by taking all your account details, preferences and settings with it