Ever feel as though you’ve got as far as you can with your efforts to trace your roots? Well this DNA-based service offers a whole different take on things.

Genetree uses non personally-identifiable parts of the DNA string to assess your approximate gene pool type, then calculates whence your forebears decades or centuries ago originated.

To get you started, GeneTree provides a special mouthwash and instructions on how to take your own DNA-laden swab, along with an information pack. You send back the sample kit for them to process (via FedEx, so no one can swipe it) and to analyse your genealogical type.

The resulting information essentially augments a fairly familiar-looking web-based genealogical web page. Depending on your preferences, you can link to and share details (but not precise DNA strings) with other family members. Part of the point of the exercise is to help you find possible matches for distantly-related family members.

As well as gleaning a fuller picture of your ancestry and geographical leads for research further back in your tree, a fascinating migration map is generated.

For a better idea of how DNA-based genealogy works, head to www.genetree.com.

Genetree DNA-based genealogy site

Genetree helps you work out where you came from and who you are distantly related to using a DNA-sampling technique