Focus Software has launched the 2009 version of the Encyclopedia Britannica Ultimate Edition. The £39.99 program contains more than 100,000 separate articles on a diverse range of subjects.

There are hundreds on interactive study guides contained within the program's menus. These are designed to help students complete research projects and digest information and are presented as games, quizzes and topic guides.

Video and audio clips complement the text and photo-based information in Encyclopedia Britannica 2009 Ultimate and there are 166,000 links to related online articles and specialised websites from within the program's database.

The program has been set up such that information that's shown is appropriate to the age of the user.

The Focus Encyclopedia Britannica disc can be used in conjunction with the constantly updated online version - Britannica Online - and buying the 2009 software also gets customers a year-long subscription to the resources on this site. Subsequent access costs £39.99 per year.

Encyclopedia Britannica 2009 Ultimate Edition is available now for £39.99 from retailers and online.

Encyclopedia Britannica 2009 Ultimate Edition