Apple has given word that its iLife 09 productivity suite will be available from tomorrow.

Announced and demonstrated indepth at Macworld 2009 in San Francisco earlier this month, in the absence of any notable new hardware, Bill Schiller showed off the improved features in the improved versions of GarageBand, iPhoto and iMovie.

Apple iPhoto 09 iLife is the name given to the suite of media tools supplied with new Apple Mac computers. Existing Apple owners keen to upgrade will be able to do so for £69 inc VAT, downloading the software from Apple's UK store.

The photo application allows users to tag photos according to the place they were taken - GPS-based geotagging being an important new feature on digital cameras and also offered on the Apple iPhone 3G.

Face-recognition and face-detection features in iPhoto 09, meanwhile, mean the photo editing will be able to recognise the same person in multiple shots and associate them accordingly in the iPhoto library.

The updated version of GarageBand, meanwhile, adds tutorials for wannabe musicians. Beginner lessons for pianists and guitarists are included as part of the standard version of GarageBand in iLife 09, while those looking for more than the basic 18 lessons can pay £149 to get 'personal' tuition from the likes of Norah Jones and Sting.

A preview of what to expect in Apple iLife 09 can be found at where more than 200 tutorials are hosted.