Adobe Creative Suite 5 professional design software Amid customary fanfare (Harvey Nicks this time), Adobe has launched a brand-new Creative Suite.

Adobe CS5 makes extensive use of the general move to 64bit computing, citing the significant speed increases designers gain when performing even complex creative tasks. It also means 3D rendering and 'repoussee' (extrusion and animation) can be done with relative speed. Perspectives are also handled far more adeptly than in previous versions of Adobe Illustrator. You'll need a powerful graphics card to get the best from such high-end functions in CS5, of course.

Key components are Photoshop CS5, Illustrator, Premiere and After Effects. Flash gets two dedicated components: a Builder and a Flash Catalyst. Adobe told us of "enormous speed gains" for more than 100 common tasks that would formerly have taken hours and that can now be achieved with a few mouse clicks.

CS5 not only strengthens the feature set and overall capabilities of the big daddy of graphic and web design suites, it also promises greater integration with the web in general, with embedded supported for web analytics and metrics application Omniture.

So far, however, our favourite feature is the ability to rotoscope objects. This involves moving an object from one part of a scene to another using the ultra-sensitive selection tool and the ability to cover your tracks and replace the resulting hole with a realistic background. It's the sort of magic trick the phrase Photoshopping was named for.

Adobe Creative Suite 5 professional design software


Adobe Photoshop CS5 move horse on background demo

The new rotoscope tool in Adobe Photoshop CS5 allows you to extract a subject from the foreground using the quick selection tool and then refine that selection


Adobe Photoshop CS5 move horse on background demo

You can then reposition the subject elsewhere in the photo and cover your tracks using tools to 'heal' the background

Adobe Creative Suite 5 costs £2,700 for the Master Collection and from £1,500 as an upgrade.

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