Adobe has taken the wraps off Acrobat 9.0 Professional, with upgrades starting at £99.

Adobe Acrobat 9 is one of several updated programs it has announced in the past week that will combine to make up the next version of Adobe's Creative Suite.

Last week, Adobe announced the availability of beta versions of Dreamweaver CS4, Fireworks CS4 and SoundBooth CS4.

Today's announcement is of a full commercial release for Adobe's PDF creation and editing tool. Adobe is also launching an Acrobat-specific web portal. is an interactive web portal where designers can provide peer to peer assistance and feedback and further the reach of interactive electronic publishing.

Adobe Acrobat 9.0 Professional will be available as a standalone program or as part of an updated Adobe Creative Suite 3.3.

"Fifteen years ago, PDF moved the world from paper to electronic documents without sacrificing print quality, changing the way we share information," said Rob Tarkoff, senior vice-president, Business Productivity Business Unit.

" extends that vision, moving the world from email attachments to online collaborative documents without sacrificing authoring quality. With rich internet applications enabled by Adobe, we can combine desktop and cloud computing to create innovative productivity applications that will change the way we create, store and share documents together."

Adobe 9.0 Professional, meanwhile, gains more interactive publishing tools including the ability to combine PDF pages into presentation-style documents with extensible elements, their own titling and Flash movie playback options on mouseover.

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The strengthening of Acrobat's interactive feature set is designed to move the focus of the package away from its use as a pure production workflow and pre-flight tool and reposition it is as an easy to learn tool for e-publishing. Flash elements can be included, but no coding is required, which means designers and page layout artists should be able to make real use of its non-print features without having to learn a whole new discipline.

"Adobe continues to expand its leadership and innovation in PDF to serve designers, developers and content providers," said John Loiacono, Adobe's senior vice-president of Creative Solutions.

"With Acrobat 9.0 we've combined the power, reach and richness of the two most ubiquitous file formats, Adobe Flash and PDF, to empower customers to create engaging experiences, prepare high-quality PDF files and collaborate more efficiently."

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