While Snapchat was once the go-to social network for teens and young adults, a redesign in 2018 pushed a lot of users to Snap’s biggest rival, Instagram, with many of Snapchat’s biggest influencers swearing off the app for good. There are still plenty of people that use Snapchat on a daily basis, but it seems like Snap is trying to entice long-time users back with the introduction of a gaming platform.

Per Cheddar’s sources, the company is apparently preparing to reveal a game platform that’ll sit inside the main Snapchat app at the Snap Partner Summit on 4 April 2019. It’s called Project Cognac internally, and while details are light, the report claims that Snap is actively encouraging third-party developers to create games for the platform.

Of course, the idea of AR-enabled games isn’t new; the company launched a range of ‘Snappables’ in 2018 which, to the uninitiated, are AR Lens-based games that encourage users to pull silly faces and make weird noises. We imagine these kinds of ‘games’ will be available in Snapchat’s gaming platform, but we also think there will be something more substantial on offer…

The news comes months after reports that Snap had acquired Australian game development studio Prettygreat, so there seems to be something to it, but whether AR-enabled games are enough to tempt users back to Snapchat is something else entirely.