Origin Storage has started selling a media-sharing NAS drive with 4.5TB of storage. The Thecus Stream Box NAS consists of three separate 1.5TB drives.

It combines 4,500GB of storage capacity with 1,080p multimedia playback capabilities and HDMI (high definition media interconnect). The drive comes with a remote control and has an LCD display so users can search for stored items by file name, media type or other criteria.

Video formats supported include WMV9, WMVHD, AVI, MPG, VOB and Mpeg4 up to a resolution of 1,080p. Music file formats include MP3, WMA (Windows Media Audio), AAC, PCM (pulse code modulation - the code on which WAV and AIFF files are based) and M4A.

For those who like the idea of such ponderous amounts of storage, the 4.5TB three-bay drive, the M3800-4500, costs £949 while the M3800-750 and M3800-1500 cost £549 and £629 respectively. A driveless version and additional capacity options are also offered.

The Thecus M3800 Stream Box NAS drive uses an AMD Geode processor and is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 2000 and NT systems, Mac OS 9 and X, Unix and Linux.

Full specifications and further details at originstorage.com.

Thecus 4.5TB Stream Box NAS drive

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