It might be coincidental, but no sooner has the new series of entrepreneur-baiting show Dragons Den started than comes word of a new business planning program designed to help budding businesses get off the ground.

Palo Alto is a British company that's been going for 14 years. With this latest version of its Business Plan Pro 11 software, the company aims to make it quicker and easier for would-be business managers to create accurate plans and financial projections. To this end, the £79 Palo Alto Business Plan Pro 11 has a more colourful and streamlined user interface with customisable colour charts.

It is certified for use with Windows Vista and it will enable startups to "create a business plan that is complete and financially accurate".

As well as being able to make use of the desktop-bound planning software, users can access a dedicated website,, where they can share business planning data.

A £129.99 Premier version of Palo Alto Business Plan Pro 11 extends the software's capabilities with a management tool. This includes month-to-month and year-to-year financial planning and analysis.

Entrepreneurs can also impress would-be financial backers in German, French, Italian and Spanish with the addition of bolt-on language packs.

For more details of the software, which will be sold via the Amazon website and Borders bookshop, see

Palo Alto Business Plan Pro 11 software

Fancy pitching for investment and becoming a successful entrepreneur? Do your homework with Palo Alto Business Plan Pro 11