Creative is showing off a portable videoconferencing for small businesses called InPerson at CES. InPerson, which will only be available in the US initially, is a small, wireless device with a 7in screen which supports 640 x 480 resolution at up to 20fps.

It connects to a business network via Ethernet or 802.11b/g and in the demonstration we saw, image quality was impressive. Those who require a bigger image can plug the product into a large-screen TV or projector.

Creative said business users could conduct video conferences between the device and a PC with a webcam, or by using multiple units. To get the system working on a PC, Creative has developed an inPerson software app that runs on Windows.

While at $699 each, the InPerson hardware may sound expensive, it's incredibly cheap compared to other business-level videoconferencing systems which can cost several thousand pounds. Users will have to pay a monthly subscription (up to £10) for the service.

Creative InPerson