And now for something completely ridiculous: Swann has launched a torch that records intruders while your flashlight warns them off.

We're told that the Flashlight DVR is intended as "a covert security device", though we fail to see how a bright light ruining an otherwise tranquil night is "covert".

Presumably the idea is that the would-be thief is so perturbed at having been caught in the near act of larceny they scarper without realising that your flashlight has cleverly caught them mid-sneak.

The Swann Flashlight DVR has a concealed video camera that can record both video and still images. It's able to operate during the day as well as at night, so you could simply wield your heavy-duty flashlight without switching it on and record anyone who you think looks dodgy.

Faz Colbhie, Swann Security's UK Channel Manager, says: "This device will appeal to a wide range of users who need a discreet system that will allow them to record video and photos during the day or night such as security guards, nightclub bouncers and night watchman.

"It is also ideal for leisure activities such as camping, fishing or even dog walkers where a flashlight and camera are both needed."

Whether or not you think it worth 200 sobs for a torch with pretensions is another matter. Personally speaking, we'd sooner pay a bloke and his fierce-looking dog to patrol our territory or watch and record any unusual activity from the safety of our net curtains armed with a webcam or cheap camcorder ready to challenge all comers.

Still, if the Swann sounds the business to you, you can find out more about it at

Swann Flashlight DVR surveillance camera

Swann Flashlight DVR surveillance camera