Prevx has launched Prevx Edge - a £20 security software package that can be used alone or in conjunction with an existing antivirus software.

Prevx claims the software which identifies and protects against malware and rootkits, boosts security protection by 30 percent. Before any software is downloaded and installed on a PC, Prevx Edge tests it against an online real-time database of globally-emerging threats. If it's clean the installation continues; if its not, Edge blocks the software from running on the PC. Prevx says this approach ensures there's no need for updates to software systems.

Prevx Edge also comes with a malware scanner that takes just a minute to completely scan a system and identify potential problems.

Mel Morris, CEO at Prevx said "We believe Prevx Edge to be the strongest consumer security software offering on the market, providing cutting-edge protection against the latest methods of attack used by cybercriminals. By designing a product which works alongside your existing security product we have broken a major barrier that is limiting the security industry's ability to combat the onslaught of these new threats to make consumer PCs safer".

Prevx Edge is available to download now from Prevx for £19.95