Geek Squad this week launched five support-and-insure services for PCs, laptops and mobile phones. Options for laptops packages include McAfee Antivirus and online backup.

All support services come with an emergency 3G modem preloaded with £50 of online credit, so you can get online even if your home connection fails.

Users can purchase the contract free packages regardless of where they purchased their chosen device, either in The Carphone Warehouse stores, via or by calling 0800 049 3046.

The Geek Squad packages contain options to insure products against loss or damage, purchase support for phones and laptops, or combine the two.

Support packages start at £1.99 per month for phones and £2.99 for laptops. Unlike traditional product warranties, Geek Squad's cover offers 0800 access to Geek Squad Agents, or an email trouble-shooting service offering detailed written advice.

Geek Squad's Managing Director of Customer Relations Anabel Hoult said: "Initial desire for the latest phone or laptop can quickly turn to despair. Geek Squad's aim is to remove the risk, cost and confusion of making the latest technology work for you, on terms that work for you."

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