AVG has announced a new version of its Internet Security Suite. AVG Internet Security 8.0 costs £39 for both the home user and business editions for a single user licence.

AVG Internet Security 8.0 includes a feature known as LinkScanner. This scans search results, web links and web pages in real-time to ensure they are safe. Unwittingly clicking on web links that aren't what they purport to be is a popular way for scammers to fool consumers into visiting websites where they may be exposed to viruses and from which their PCs may be infected by software downloading and installing itself without permission.

“Real-time detection of these threats is essential, as poisoned web pages may only be infective for a matter of hours, after which the perpetrator moves on to another site,” explained AVG Technologies' CEO.

“Even after a site has been hacked and cleaned, surfers using search engines such as Google may still be blocked from reaching the site. Real-time detection allows us to stop threats before they become a problem for people,” he went on to say.

AVG Internet Security 8.0 has a new high-performance scanning engine that, the security software company claims, offers faster scanning performance through a multi-threaded scanning engine. A new web shield scans files downloaded from the web as well as through MSN and ICQ messenger services. This shield confirms they are free of malicious content.

Users will also benefit from a new component to remove and protect against rootkits, a new firewall and improved antivirus and anti-spam protection as well as a redesigned interface.

AVG Internet Security 8.0 is available from www.avg.co.uk and priced at £39. This includes one year of unlimited signature updates, program updates and access during business hours on weekdays to a UK-based technical help desk as well as round-the-clock email support.

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AVG Internet Security 8 software

AVG Internet Security 8 software warns if an embedded weblink is infected or if a website address you enter will redirect you to a spoof site