Many of the latest compact digital cameras come with built-in image stabilisation software, but mere software can't be expected to compensate for every involuntary jerk.

Tripods make taking sharp shots much easier, but they're only any good if you remember to pack one. The Wrap-Up Tripod presents an excellent alternative: it's a protective case for your digicam that has fold-out feet to stabilise shots.

The vertical die-cast tripod screws into the bottom of your camera (but tucks away when not being used). The Wrap-Up Tripod is therefore always available when you need it, but doesn't add to the gubbins you've got to carry about with you when travelling.

It weighs just a few grammes and can be fitted to the base of almost any camera with a width of 25mm or less (the brackets need to fit snugly).

The Wrap-Up part of the tripod's name refers the fact that the case wraps around your camera, protecting it from damage while in transit or at the bottom of your rucksack.

Costing £19.95 from Firebox, it comes in charcoal or grey.

Wrap-Up Tripod