Projectors used to be hulking great things that needed to be hung from special brackets (and possibly a reinforced ceiling). These days, you can get a projector built in to a mobile phone.

This ViewSonic model sits sensibly midway between the two extremes, offering a pinsharp display from an image source as little as a metre away from the wall or screen. Short throw projectors such as this one are ideal for use in the home or small office. World Cup on a widescreen, anyone?

The PJD5352 creates images as much as 60in across, measured diagonally. Its Texas Instruments DLP chip can accommodate 120Hz frame rates and can accept 3D input sources. has a brightness rating of 2600 Ansi lumens and uses a bulb rated for 6,000 hours of use. Unlike older projectors which required many minutes to warm up or cool down before and after use, the ViewSonic has a technology called On The Go that means it can be unplugged straight after you've concluded your presentation.

An eco mode allows the projector to be set to draw minimal power and to emit just 26bB of noise. The ViewSonic
PJD535 projector weighs in at 2.5k and costs around £570 inc VAT.