Veho has released a digital video camera that weighs just 40g. The Muvi Atom is just 20mm thick, making it even smaller than its predecessor, the Muvi Micro.

The 40x20x20mm Muvi Atom can record XVGA (640x480-pixel) video at 30 frames per second and can take 2Mp digital still photos. A VOX mode allows users to start and stop recording using voice commands.

Powered by an embedded lithium-ion battery, which can be recharged via the USB port on a PC, the Muvi Atom offers one hour of video or image capture. A 2GB micoSD Card comes as part of the package. The video camera can accept SD cards up to 8GB.

Encased in a tough metal shell, maker Veho says the Atom is ideal for use in extreme sports such as mountain biking or snowboarding.

The optional £14.99 Extreme Sports Pack, which offers a collection of brackets, clips and straps that allow you to secure the camera to almost anything, from a helmet to handle bars, is ideal for those that like to take part in extreme sports.

Muvi even bundled the camera with software that allows you to edit the video you've captured.

The Atom is charged via USB, and uploaded movies can be edited using Muvi's included software.

The Muvi Atom Digital Video Camera costs £79.99 and can be bought from online retailers including, Firebox and CCL.

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