Toshiba has launched two more digital photo frames: the Gigaframe Q80 and Q81. Both cost less than £100.

The Toshiba Gigaframes are both 8in displays with a resolution of 800x600 pixels. The Q80 and Q81 cost £94 and £99 including VAT, respectively. The Q81 can run off rechargeable batteies as well as being mains-powered.

In both cases, onscreen images are automatically resized to fit the screen. In addition, Mpeg, AVI and MOV video clips can be shown.

The frames are customisable too - the standard black bezel can be swapped for an alternative colour that better matches your interior decor.

Each frame has a 128MB internal flash memory as well as support for SD, MMC, MS, MS Pro and XD memory cards. Digital photos, videos and MP3 files can be played back via the two integrated 0.5W speakers. Soft touch LED sensors located on the front of the frame offer access to the additional features, including the clock, alarm and timer mode.

The Q81 also has a tilt and light sensor for improved viewing, along with an integrated rechargeable battery that lasts around 30 minutes between charges.

The frames are available through retail or from .

Toshiba Gigaframe Q8 series digital photo frame

Toshiba Gigaframe Q8 series digital photo frame

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