Sony is muscling in on the digital photo frame market with the launch of three displays. Two have 7in screens, while the other, the Sony DPF-V900 is a 9in widescreen digital photo frame.

One of the 7in frames, the DPF-V700, also has a widescreen aspect ratio, while the DPF-V70 is a more traditional 4:3 ratio model. The two higher-specification frames offer support for HDMI (high-definition media interface), so photos stored on them can be displayed as static images or as a slideshow on a high-definition TV screen.

All three Sony digital photo frames come with a 100MB internal memory and are able to cycle through slideshows of photos and play video clips. As many as 500 images can be stored in each frame's memory.

Sony claims the LCD panel used for its digital photo frames offers photo-realistic colour and contrast levels, while images that are a little too lifelike can be swiftly edited using the skin smoothing and red-eye reduction features.

The Sony DPF-V900 and V700 frames also make use of Sony's BIONZ processor. This makes it faster to open large files, reducing unwanted delay and sputtering transitions between images displayed as a slideshow.

Users don't have to worry about reorientating their photos prior to loading them into the Sony frames' removable memory slots either: all three screens are able to automatically detect whether a portrait or landscape orientation is required and adjust the display accordingly.

Sony DPH photo frame

Sony has launched three digital photo frames. The Sony DPF-V700 and DPF-V900 models come with HMDI support