Sony CyberShot TX5 waterproof camera It's not like Sony to be behind the times with gimmicks and gadgetry, so we were quite surprised to learn that the TX5 is the company's very first CyberShot waterproof compact camera.

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The 17.7mm-thick camera packs in a 10.2Mp sensor, a 4x optical zoom and a 24mm wideangle lens. Images can be previewed on its 3in LCD, even under water at depths of up to three metres. It's also possible to shoot 720p video.

Sony has primed the TX5 with a twilight mode to make the best of low-light scenes that would otherwise require a flash, while action can be captured with ease using the six-frame burst mode. The camera comes in a toughened chassis that can withstand extremely low temperatures, with the adventurous and the merely clumsy will be reassured by its ability to withstand drops from 1.5 metres without damage.

The waterproof camera costs around £300 inc VAT.

Sony CyberShot TX5 waterproof camera

Sony's first CyberShot waterproof camera won't get lost in murky waters


Sony CyberShot TX5 waterproof camera


Thankfully, it comes in a range of colours