Digital photo frames are a dead simple way of showing off your favourite photos without having to do much more than insert a memory card and place the display somewhere prominent.

But there's no reason why your digital photo frame should sit in a corner gathering dust. The Shake A Pix lets you take things into your own hands and shuffle through your photo collection so you don't always end up seeing the same old scenes over and over again.

Shake A Pix's makers believe the 2.4in TFT photo frame is the first motion-sensitive example. The £35 mini frame has an internal memory of 32MB - enough to hold up to 170 Jpeg or bitmap images, depending on file size - and can serve them up as a three-hour-long slideshow. The 5mm-thick photo frame measures 90x50mm has its own pull out stand and is powered by a tiny lithium-ion battery. Photos are copied to the 50g photo frame via USB.

Shake A Pix costs £34.95 from

Shake To View digital photo frame