Samsung WB2000 HD digital camera Last year Samsung came out with a digital camera with two screens; this year it's opted for a camera with two modes. The WB2000 can record digital video at the same time as it is taking a digital photo.

The simultaneous recording mode is an interesting development as video footage and photos are usually captured at different resolutions. The Samsung WB2000, however, is able to take 10Mp still images while also shooting 1080p high-resolution video.

When all its attention is on video capture, the WB2000 can shoot 1000fps (frames per second). Most digital cameras capture footage at 30fps. Having captured all this detail, users can review the results in super slow-mo mode, analysing a golf swing, the beat of a bird's wings or a sports car screeching past.

The 10Mp CMOS is twinned with a 24mm wide-angle lens with a 5x optical zoom. The camera has an object tracker, making it easier to follow a subject as it moves across the frame. For landscapes, there's an advanced panorama mode that intelligently stitches together several photos to make one very wide or tall one.

RAW image files can be captured as well as Jpegs, making post-processing far more flexible. However, for those who want to perform basic photo edits without having to make endless tweaks in Photoshop, Samsung includes software that can be used simply by plugging in the camera to the PC. No CD installation is required, giving the user access to the same editing tools regardless of the PC or laptop they decide to plug it in to.

Images can be previewed on the Samsung WB2000's 3in Amoled high-contrast screen. Dual image stabilisation, beauty mode and in-camera editing are all supported, while the image sensor is able to distinguish between as many as 20 faces in a shot and focus on them individually.

The Samsung WB2000 digital camera is set to go onsale in the UK this spring with a suggested retail price of £329.99.

Samsung WB2000 HD digital camera

Samsung WB2000 HD digital camera