Samsung has launched three new digital cameras, the ST60, ST70 and PL80.

The 17mm-thick Samsung ST70 is a 14Mp model with 5x optical zoom and both digital and optical image stabilisers. The 12Mp ST60, meanwhile, has the same 91x56x17mm dimensions but only a 4x optical zoom.

Both cameras feature a 2.7in LCD display and are capable of capturing HD video at a resolution of capture 1080x720 and 30 frames per second.

They also have a Smart Auto mode that works for both still shots and video recording.

More technically-advanced photographers have a choice of manual settings including ISO, white balance, metering mode, AF and exposure compensation.

The ST60, which is priced at £149.99, and the £179.99 ST70 will both be available in February.

Another newcomer, the Samsung PL80 is a 12Mp digital compact camera with 28mm wideangle lens, 5x optical zoom and 2.7in LCD. It is just 20mm thick, can take 640x480-pixel video at 30 frames per second and has both optical and digital stabilisation

Available from March, the Samsung PL80 will cost £129.99.

The Samsung ST60


The Samsung ST70


The Samsung PL80

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