Samsung is set to launch a digital camera boasting a resolution of almost 15Mp. The Samsung NV100HD packs an impressive 14.7Mp and costs a pretty reasonable €200 (£158).

The Samsung NV100HD features a 28mm wide angle lens and a 3.6X optical zoom. The camera has a 3in touchscreen LCD display that enables users to quickly and easily navigate menus and options on the camera.

It is capable of recording HD video at 720p resolution at 30fps (frames per second). The NV1000HD has dual image stabilisation (optical and digital) to prevent photo blur.

Available in silver and red, silver and black, black and titanium, the NV100HD is able to auotmatically detect faces and if someone blinks. The so-called Smile mode automatically releases the shutter when the subject smiles, presumably resulting in happier snaps.

The Samsung NV100HD digital camera will be available in the UK in August.

 Samsung NV100HD 15Mp digital camera

Samsung NV100HD 15Mp digital camera