Digital imaging enthusiasts will now be able to include 35mm slides and negatives into their collections thanks to the Plustek OpticFilm 7500i AI and 7500i SE high-resolution film scanners.

The models produce 7,200dpi images and mark Plustek’s first foray into Mac-compatible film scanners.

The 48-bit scanning capability allows both scanners to recognise literally trillions of different colours offering highly accurate colour repetition. Multi-sampling minimises noise in images caused by among others, low-level lighting and low resolutions. The slides are scanned four times and create four separate readings of the noise level on the image. These are automatically averaged out to produce the final high-quality scan.

The Plustek OpticFilm 7500i SE benefits from a new multi-exposure scanning function for negative film, which accentuates fine details such as reflections and textured surfaces and also helps to eliminate noise.

A SilverFast 35mm IT8 Target calibration features on the AI and will generate ICC profiles ensuring the scanner can be calibrated using a standard colour target. SilverFast also generates its own internal calibration, enhancing colour accuracy.

Both scanners are bundled with an illuminated slide viewer, two film holders for mounting slides and filmstrips and a number of software programs to enhance the scan quality and speed. The scanners are being sold for £223 for the SE and £395 for the through

Accessories: Illuminated slide viewer and two film holders and following software; Newsoft Presto! PageManager 7.10; Newsoft Presto! ImageFolio 4.5 and Plustek Quickscan
7500 SE includes: SilverFast SEPlus 6.5 iSRD ME Scan software
7500 AI includes: SilverFast Ai IT8 Studio V6.5 iSRD ME scan software
Systems requirements: Windows 2000, XP or XP 64bit and MacOS 10.3.9 and later

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