The Pentax Optio RS1500 is a 14Mp compact camera with a difference. It can be customised using one of 10 'skins'. There are even superhero skins featuring the likes of Superman and the Green Lantern - the latest caped crusader to feature in a Hollywood blockbuster. 

Pentax includes 10 readymade skins plus five blanks for the user to design their own. Once a skin is positioned on the camera it is secured by clipping on a protective layer. For additional personalisation, the black lens ring can be switched for an orange one, also included as part of the £89 camera package. 

The compact camera features a 4x zoom lens, 3in LCD display and is also capable of capturing HD video at 30fps. Movie Shake Reduction mode ensures videos are not obscured by blur cause by movement of the camera during shooting, while Digital Blur Removal function effectively compensates for camera shake during still-image shooting.

The £89 camera also features Smile Detection and Natural Skin Modes.  A DC Super Heroes-inspired special edition Optio RS1500 that features skins containing superheroes from the comics is also available.