Pandigital Photo Scanner There are gadgets that take crusty old music cassettes and dusty vinyl records and make MP3 albums of them and there are gadgets that can magically restore your wobbly old video footage and bring it into the digital age.

If you want to 'rescue' your old photos, you usually have to get a great big A4 scanner that takes up a lot of room. Pandigital's Photo Scanner, however, is a device designed specifically for the purpose of making digital copies of your dogeared snaps. Feed in a 6x4in photo and it will make an 1800x1200-pixel digital copy.

The Pandigital Photo Scanner saves the resulting Jpeg image file to a removable media card - five types of media card are supported. The device has a USB port and cable so it you can hook it up to and laptop or PC and transfer images to it.

The mains-powered scanner measures a scant 157x54x45mm and costs £79.99. It's available from and

Pandigital Photo Scanner