If you want to take underwater photos but don't have the money to invest in a camera specifically designed for the task, then OverBoard's Waterproof Zoom Lens Camera Case could be just the thing.

Made from an environmentally friendly matt material with many of the same properties as PVC, the Zoom Lens Camera Case is just half a millimetre thick. It can be submerged up to 19ft and the camera will still be protected, allowing users to capture underwater snaps. The case also offers protection from other substances such as oil and grease.

The case is transparent which allows the user to clearly see the camera's LCD screen and compose the shot. The lens housing fits securely over the camera lens and is then locked in position. Once sealed, it conforms to the Class 5 Waterproof classification.

The case is suitable for compact cameras with a telescopic zoom lens of 2.8cm or less. It t will float safely to the surface if the user accidently drops it when in the water.

Bundled with a neck lanyard, the Waterproof Zoom Lens Camera Case is available for £19.99 from the OverBoard shop.

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