Nikon has unveiled the Coolpix S800, an ultra-thin compact digital camera with a 10x optical zoom. Armed with a 14.2Mp sensor, the Nikon Coolpix S8000 costs £249.

The Coolpix S8000 has a 3in LCD display and, as well as taking highly detailed close-up, can record 30fps video at a resolution of 1080x720. Rather than having to fiddle with a dial to set the Coolpix to record footage, the camera has a dedicated video button.

A 'creative slider' allows the user to adjust brightness, saturation and colour tones on an image they've taken. These onboard edits complement features such as the motion detector, image stabiliser and best shot selector (which automatically takes 10 shots in quick succession and saves the sharpest one) which help the user take better photos in the first place. 

The Nikon Coolpix S8000 also features four technologies to prevent blurred shots including Motion Detection and Best Shot Selector (BSS) function, the camera will take a maximum of 10 sequential shots and save the sharpest one.

Mark Pekelharing, Product from Nikon said: "The portability of the slim body is essential to this, as well as its incredibly quick response time, so when you see that perfect shot on the LCD monitor, that's what you'll get as the final picture."

Finished in aluminium with a rubber coating for enhanced grip, the Nikon Coolpix measures 103x57x27mm and weighs 183g. It is available in three a choice of black, brown and 'champagne silver'. It is priced at £249 and will be available this month.

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