Night Vision digital video camera Some of the most interesting things happen at night, but they aren't always that easy to capture for posterity.

Low light-level photography is notoriously tricksy. The £69.95 Night Vision digital video camera, however, promises to take shots even in pitch darkness.

The pistol-grip camcorder has a record button for a trigger and there's a 2in LCD preview screen on the back so even if you can't see what's in front of you, you can see what you're recording. The resolution is a fairly limited 1.3Mp, but you're unlikely to capture intricate detail in the dark anyway.

The camera has a built-in light sensor that automatically switches between day and night mode, while a Sanyo Xacti-like central button in the middle of the control pad allows you to flick between still image and video capture.

The camera's internal memory can store 32MB of footage at VGA (640x480) resolution. For video capture you'll want to use an SD memory card - capacities of up to 2GB are supported. The resulting photos and video can be transferred via USB to a PC for viewing and storage.

The Night Vision digital video camera costs £69 inc VAT from

Night Vision digital video camera