Waterproof housings for cameras and camcorders are a great idea, but it's not always practical to tote a camera in wet weather conditions.

It's all very well if you want to yomp up a mountain and anticipate precipitation, but it's less practical if you want to take snaps as you swim. A quick dunk underwater to take a photo can work, but a hands-free approach to recording submarine endeavours would be better.

The Liquid Image Digital Camera Mask aims to be that better option. It has a 5Mp camera built in and is certified waterproof for depths of 5 metres. The tempered glass lenses have crosshairs to help the user position the subject accurately in the photo. To take a snap you press one of the two large buttons on the top of the camera-mask. The other turns the camera on and off. The camera takes SD memory cards with capacities of up to 2GB. Photos can be transferred to a laptop or PC using a media card reader or via the mini USB port.

The Liquid Image Digital Camera Mask is powered by a pair of AAA batteries and costs £89.99 from Firebox.

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