Genius G-Shot HD550T camcorder You might think there was no form of gadgetry yet to be given a touchscreen makeover. With the launch of a touchscreen camcorder, we are beginning to wonder what else could possibly be touch-enabled.

The Genius G-Shot HD550T camcorder can capture 5Mp still photos, 720p video at 30 frames per second (hence it having the HD tag) and a 3x optical zoom. It's the touchscreen part that has us wondering, however. After all, if you're trying to hold the camera steady in order to catch the action in blur-free detail, jabbing at its display is hardly conducive to a successful shoot.

However, the touchscreen is actually for more accurate setup purposes, it seems. As well as giving you finger-friendly access to the camcorder's menu options, Genius says the generous 3in display is large enough for the user to be able to specify which area of the shot should be concentrated on and the light metering to be centred around.

The Genius G-Shot HD550T camcorder comes with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery but can also be AA battery-powered. It has two SD card slots that, combined, can take SDHC (Secure Digital High Capacity) memory cards of up to 64GB. This amount is sufficient for several hours video recording. An HDMI port allows the resulting footage to be played back directly on an HD-ready TV.

Costing £109, the Genius G-Shot HD550T camcorder even has a motion-sensor so it can be used as a security device. It goes onsale in the UK in mid-January.

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Genius G-Shot HD550T camcorder