Firebox UK has started selling the Flip Ultra camcorder - a flash memory-based digital video camera that costs just £99.

The Flip Ultra has a 2GB internal memory on which up to 60 minutes of action can be captured at 30fps (frames per second). The total recording time is as much as two and a half hours. Footage is captured at 600x480pixels.

One of the most important reasons for the US of the flip Ultra is its simplicity. It has only three buttons and Firebox claims you can shoot a scene and have it posted to YouTube or another online sharing site within four minutes.

The Flip Ultra has a 2x zoom and an autofocus feature and comes with a cable to connect to a TV for instant viewing. It is powered by a pair of AA batteries and comes in a protective pouch. It comes in black, silver or girly pink.

Some of the best-known consumer electronics brands including Sony and Canon have recently launched entrylevel Flash memory-based digital video cameras, but these cost around five times as much. The £99.95 Flip Ultra undercuts even the budget Aiptek models that Firebox has also recently started selling.

According to Firebox, the Flip Ultra has taken the US by storm and snatched around a 13 percent market share in it s first year of sale.

The Flip Ultra digital video camcorder hasa 2GB internal memory and is simplicity itself to use

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