Corel has launched Paint Shop Pro Photo X2, new software designed to enable digital images to be transformed into professional-looking photographs quickly and easily. The selection of photo-editing features has now been extended with even more quick fixes and advanced enhancing tools to produce results.

Features that have been added to the latest version include the Express Lab mode, which allows you to view and edit multiple photos in the same time it previously took to edit a few. This mode includes support for many file formats and you can carry out tasks such as cropping, rotation and colour adjustment with speed.

The overall appearance of the interface has been altered to include graphite workspace that aims to place more focus on the image itself. HDR Photo Merge has also been added, making it possible to combine two or more photographs taken at different exposures and then make further enhancements using the Clarify slider to dodge and burn areas of shadows and highlight to accentuate the contrast.

To get the most from your snaps, make use of the selection of new makeover tools. These include the new Thinify tool to slim down people with a single click and the Eye Drop tool to remove redness from bloodshot eyes. Existing tools such as the Suntan brush and Blemish Fixer have also been enhanced and are now even easier to use.

Feel free to experiment as much as you want as the new Auto-Preserve Originals option will ensure an original copy is always kept safe. If you regularly scan multiple photos at once and need a quick way of splitting them up, using the Crop as New Image option automatically opens scanned photos into separate documents.

A new feature that will really impact your images is Layer Styles, which makes it simple to apply shadows, embossing, outer and inner glows, bevels and reflections. It is now even possible to put your own stamp on your masterpieces by creating and adding a personal watermark. Perfect if you plan to share your images.

Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo X2 is available for £79 inc VAT. It also comes with video tutorials from, Nik plug-in filter effects and Corel MediaOne Plus.