Canon has added three high-definition camcorder ranges, HF S, HF M and HF R, to its LEGRIA line-up.

All three new models have a Smart Auto mode. First introduced on Canon's digital compact cameras, this automatically identifies the type of shot, as well as shooting conditions and then optimises the camcorder settings to create the best shot possible.

All three Legria camcorders sport a Canon HD Video Lens and DIGIC DV III processing technology. An Easy Web Upload function makes it simple to share video on the web, while face-detection automatically identifies up to 35 people in one single shot.

New to the LEGRIA range with the 2010 models is a Video Snapshot model. This shoot bursts of video in two-, four- or eight-second segments that can then be stitched together without editing software. Users can add music to the camcorder's memory for use during playback.

The LEGRIA HF S camcorders feature an 8MP Full HD CMOS sensor, 10x optical zoom and a 3.5in touchscreen LCD.

The LEGRIA HF S21 and HF S20 come with 64GB and 32GB of internal flash memory respectively. They also have dual SDHC slots that support memory cards up to 32GB. The LEGRIA HF S200 records solely to SDHC cards, but still has two slots, offering up to 64GB of storage.

Canon's LEGRIA HF M digital camcorders will have a 3.3Mp Full HD CMOS sensors, 18x zoom and a 2.7in touchscreen LCD display.

There are three models in the series; HF M31, which has 32GB of internal flash memory and the HF M36 that features 8GB. Both of these camcorders also support SDHC memory cards up to 32GB. Finally the HF M306 has no internal memory and stores video directly to an SDHC memory card with a capacity of up to 32GB.

Finally the LEGRIA HF R series features three camcorders The HF R18, the HF R16 and the HFR106. All three camcorders come with a HD CMOS sensor, 20x optical zoom, a 2.7in LCD display and face-detection.

The HF R18 has 3GB of internal flash memory, while the LEGRIA HF R16 has a 8GB memory. Both camcorders also support SDHC cards up to 32GB. Meanwhile, LEGRIA HF R106 shoots solely to SDHC cards up to 32GB.

The Canon LEGRIA HF R and HF M series will be available from March, while the LEGRIA HF S range will hit the shops in early April. Pricing has not yet been revealed.

The Canon Legria HF S digital camcorder series


The Canon Legria HF M series


The Canon Legria HF R series

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