Firebox has started selling yet another low-cost digital camcorder designed for festivalgoers and holidaymakers who want to be able to record their exploits without worrying about losing an expensive piece of kit.

The £34 Busbi Video is a similar size to the Flip video camera we looked at a few weeks ago and echoes its simple record and playback approach. However, the £34 Busbi video camera differs from that device in that it has no zoom facility.

The Busbi runs off a pair of AA batteries and records video footage to either a Compact Flash or Secure Digital card. A 1GB SD card is supplied with the device and should be able to store up to an hour of video footage.

There's a speaker at the back of the camera below the 42x32mm (2in) LCD preview screen. Aside from a big red record button, there’s a power button and options to play video you’ve recorded and to delete any you don’t want.

The Busbi has a USB connector so footage can be downloaded to a PC. For full details see Firebox.

Busbi Video flash-based camcorder

Busbi Video flash-based camcorder

The Busbi video camera has no zoom or flash but is an expensive way of recording holiday videos

The Busbi video camera has no zoom or flash but is an inexpensive way of recording holiday videos