Flip has confirmed that it will launch a high-definition version of its Mino flash-based digital camcorder in the UK.

The $230 Flip Mino HD will come with 4GB of solid state memory to which video footage can be recorded.

The Mino HD was announced in the US eaFlip Mino HD camcorder rlier this week, but at the time it wasn't clear whether the product would also hit UK stores. A UK spokesman for Flip, however, has since been able to confirm that the cheapo camcorder will launch in the UK "towards the end of Q1 2009".

In common with the existing Mino camcorder, it will have a central red Record button and recessed play/pause, zoom and delete buttons. It will attach to a PC or laptop using a USB port - the Flip gets its name from the flip-up USB connector that pops out when your flick a switch at the top left.

The Flip Mino HD will be the same size and dimensions as its standard-definition sibling and can be stabilised using a tripod. It can also connect directly to a TV and can upload clips straight to YouTube.

Flash-based camcorders have caused quite a stir this year, with several big-name consumer electronics brands using the solid state format for lower-cost HD models. However, HD models such as the Toshiba Camileo and Sony HGR-TG3 are either significantly heavier or much pricier than the Flip camcorder range.

The original Flip came in at £99, while the Flip Mino, reviewed here costs £119.

UK pricing for the Mini Flip HD has yet to be announced.