Gemalto has unveiled YuuWaa - an all-in-one USB flash drive and online back-up service that ensures you can back up your files and access anything you have stored online wherever you are.

Once you've registered, simply plugging your USB flash drive into any PC will connect to the online back up service, which YuuWaa describes as your own 'digital data universe'.

The files on the memory stick will automatically be backed-up to your online space while users will also be allowed to copy files from the local PC to the online storage space, as well as viewing and sharing (via email) any files already backed-up online.

"By bundling local and online storage, portability and ssecurity, YuuWaa provides an innovative and cost-effective way for people to keep and share their digital data safely," said Juana-Catalina Rodriguez, from YuuWaa.

Gemalto says YuuWaa users will receive an automatic warning when their online storage space is 80 percent full and they have the ability to purchase more space if necessary.

The company also revealed that if a user looses their flash drive, access to the online storage space can be blocked, ensuring no-one else can get their hands on your data.

YuuWaa is available in two capacities; YuuWaa Go which comprises 4GB USB flash drive and 8GB of online storage space. Alternatively, YuuWaa Plus offers users an 8GB USB flash drive and 16GB of online backup.

Both options give consumers six months free access to the online storage, after that the online storage space costs £1.79 or £3.99 per month for YuuWaa Go and YuuWaa Plus respectively. Both are available now from Amazon.