XEED Compact Installation projectors

Canon today announced four projectors, the first of what it calls 'compact installation projectors'. Canon says the four models represent a new category of projector: compact, but offering what it describes as 'market-leading image quality' and features. The series of XEED Compact Installation projectors will be on sale in the second half of 2013. No UK pricing was announced. See also: what's the best projector?

Canon announced two standard models - the XEED WUX450 and XEED WX520. According to Canon each has a 1.8x zoom projection lens with a constant aperture of F2.8. Canon says the 'LCOS technology produces fine, detailed images without the lattice effect sometimes seen on other projectors'.

Canon also announced two short-throw models known as the XEED WUX400ST and XEED WX450ST. These take the same hardware design as the XEED WUX450 and XEED WX520 but feature a Canon short throw projection lens. This means that a 100in image can be projected from just 1.2 metres – equivalent to around one-third of the throw distance required by conventional projectors, Canon says. The lens is equipped with both vertical and horizontal shift.

Canon XEED projectors: economy

The range of projectors each comes with a dedicated ECO button, allowing them to use significantly less power than comparable products. The standard models boast a best-in-class energy consumption of just 0.081 watts per lumen for the WUX450 and 0.068 watts per lumen for the WX520, Canon said. Whilst in standby mode, the devices use less than a single watt. Four corner keystone correction is available across the range, and DVI and HDMI inputs are provided in all model.

Julian Rutland, Canon’s Projector Product Strategy and Planning Director commented: "Within the segment, nothing comes close to the quality and brightness offered by the new XEED Compact Installation series. Our partners can now offer a compact projector with comparable features and performance to larger installation models, allowing greater flexibility when meeting the needs of customers.

"Canon is dedicated to helping system integrators provide bespoke projection solutions to their clients – whatever the environment or client brief. Our new XEED Compact Installation series offers all the features of an installation projector in a smaller chassis, whilst boasting best-in-class energy efficiency. In this way, we are providing the opportunity for our partners to target the installation market with a high quality and competitively priced product."