Viewsonic has launched three new widescreen LED monitors, all of which take advantage of the reduced power consumption of LED technology. The 23.6in Viewsonic Vx2450wm offers HDMI connectivity and Full HD 1080i viewing and offers a staggering 20 million:1 dynamic contrast ratio.

However, users are unlikely to make extensive use of this feature, preferring instead the more useful 1,000:1 contrast offered in its standard mode. The 1920x1080-pixel display offers a 5ms response time and a 27.15mm pixel pitch. Capable of displaying 16.7 million colours, it has an anti-glare coating so it can be used in a range of lighting conditions.

Marking a "strategic" move to LED technology for the display specialist, Viewsonic says it will incorporate LED across its range of gaming, business and productivity monitors from now on. LED requires approximately 50 percent less power than a CCFL-based screen, ticking the right boxes in terms of green technology and a move towards low power consumption.

"We feel that LED monitor technology is mature enough to deliver our display standards across our entire portfolio. Our investment in LED technology with our new range of monitors is proof of our commitment to deliver a better picture using greener products to all of our customers," said James Coulson, Viewsonic's European marketing manager, right on cue.

The Viewsonic Vx2450wm LED monitor will be onsale in the UK from September and cost £123.