Proving that marketing people think girls are gullible enough to buy anything as long as it's pink, hard drive and blank media maker Verbatim has come up with a pink Hello Kitty USB hard drive.

The limited edition 1GB Verbatim Hello Kitty USB flash memory key will be sold in the UK through newsagent WHSmith for the very special price of £8.74. The usual price for the girly branded memory key is £19.99.

While we're all for promotional discounts, we're not convinced that Kitty fans will find themselves keen to stump up 20 quid for such a small capacity drive – particularly when you consider that Verbatim will also be selling discounted 2GB USB flash memory keys through WHSmith for exactly the same £8.74 promo price.

Our despair at the cynical marketing attempts was compounded when we read further down the Verbatim press release and discovered that the RRP of the plain vanilla 2GB version – available in black, lilac or, um pink, would usually retail for £17.99 – a whole £2 less than the Hello Kitty drive with half the memory.

Hello Kitty Verbatim USB memory key

Verbatim Hello Kitty USB memory key - £2 more than the standard version which has twice the storage capacity. Hmm