Optical and flash media maker Traxdata is branching out. It fancies a slice of the home entertainment pie and has come up with a 500GB HDMI media drive that plays films directly and that can upscale standard-definition content to look like 1,080i HD footage.

Traxdata's sales and marketing director Guido Liber believes there's insufficient demand for external USB 2.0 hard drives and that the European market is flooded with them. However, he does see a good market for external drives you can plug in directly to your high-definition TV set and that can play TV and film content straight from the drive.

Accordingly, Traxdata has launched a 500GB MultiMediaDrive with a 3.5in format and a grooved, heavy metal casing. This MultiMediaDrive sits on a slightly raised base, under which can be found a slimline remote control. This can be used to scroll through content stored on the half-terabyte drive. Traxdata has included a media manager much like one you'd find on a console or with a TV tuner box, so you can quickly find and begin watching the programme you wish.

The drive has Scart and HDMI (high-definition media interconnect) ports as well as SPDIF audio and component video. It also has two USB 2.0 ports. The Traxdata drive can upscale to either 720p or 1,080i HD quality and can play media without first having to transfer content to a consumer player.

Traxdata MultiMediaDrive 500GB drive