Sandberg HDMI conversion box If you've ever wanted to browse the web or play your favourite computer games on your brand new LCD TV, but were never quite sure exactly how to do it, Danish company Sandberg may have the answer.

Sandberg's VGA to HDMI convertor is a small unit that seamlessly takes the standard VGA output found on nearly every computer and enables it to connect to an HDMI (high definition media interface) such as are found on most flatscreen TVs.

Sandberg spokesman Erling Hoff Peterson explained: "it creates brand new opportunities for using the computer when you can connect it to a large flatscreen TV. Especially in today's world, where you can get everything from the Internet. Now that you can put the computer in front of the large flatscreen TV and connect it within seconds is quite amazing."

Installing the convertor involves connecting the VGA and audio cables from a PC into the rear of the convertor, then connect an HDMI cable from the convertor into your TV. Users can then browse the internet in glorious high definition.

Sandberg upscales standard definition content to emulate the increased detail of HD footage. The Sandberg VGA to HDMI convertor works with Windows 7, Vista and XP machines and costs £84.99 (€91.99). For more details see

Sandberg HDMI conversion box