Samsung is readying for launch a 22in flatpanel LCD monitor with a 120Hz refresh rate and the ability to display 3D video. The Samsung 2233RZ 3D monitor will go onsale in April for $399.

Showcased at CES earlier this month, the Samsung 2233RZ works by overlaying one image on top of but slightly offset from another. Each image is updated at a rate of 60Hz, with viewers only able to enjoy the 3D effect when wearing a pair of special stereoscopic glasses.

nVidia 3D Vision glasses The glasses have been designed by nVidia for use with its GeForce 3D Vision kit. PC users will need to have either an nVidia GeForce 8800 GT or higher card, or a GeForce 8900 GT. GeForce GTX 200 cards are also supported. The user switches between standard 2D viewing and enjoying 3D video or gaming by pressing a mode button on their keyboard. Around 330 games can be enjoyed in 3D, with many more due to launch.

The games need no tweaking in order to be viewed in 3D: nVidia has already written the code into games badged with its The way its meant to be played certificate. As yet, games consoles are not supported, though this will be viable in future versions.

However, nVidia's 3D Vision kit has enabled monitor and TV makers to produce commercial versions of 3D screens. Philips was showing off its lenticular 3D monitor as long ago as 2003, but so far few such screens have actually gone onsale.

Samsung was one of several screen makers showing off ready-to-launch 3D displays at the Consumer Electronics Show. Unlike some monitor makers', however, Samsung's 22in 2233RZ screen is designed for use as a computer display, rather than as a TV screen.

The Samsung 2233RZ has a native resolution of 1,680x1,050, making it a high-definition model, has a brightness rating of 300 candelas and a contrast ratio of 20,000:1.

nVidia and Samsung will sell a bundle of the 3D monitor and the 3D glasses, along with the necessary HDMI cable and infrared receiver for $549. Available now in the US, a launch date for the nVidia kit in the UK has yet to be announced. However, given Samsung's slated April 3D monitor launch, we expect a similar timeframe for the glasess.

Click here for a video demonstration of 3D gaming in action.

Samsung 2233RZ 3D monitor