PLDS - the partnership between Philips and Lite-On Digital Solutions - has released the DH-4B1S – a successor to its first internal Blu-ray drive, which was launched last year.

The PLDS Lite-On DH-4B1S internal Blu-ray drive burns data to Blu-ray media at quad-speed and makes use of CLV (Constant Linear Velocity) technology to ensure the data is transferred at a consistent rate throughout the burning process.

In this respect, the PLDS drive differs from other such drives, most of which use Constant Angular Velocity technology to start data transfers at a slower rate and then gradually build to a top speed at the end of the session, creating a slower average speed.

"We see a growing market acceptance for Blu-ray as the format of choice for high-definition content playback and for high volume archiving. This 4X writer delivers a faster solution for burning data to Blu-ray discs," said marketing manager Jelmer Veldman.

Available from the end of May, no price has yet been announced for the PLDS Lite-On DHX-4B1S internal Blu-ray drive.

PLDS DH-4B1S Blu-ray drive

PLDS DH-4B1S Blu-ray drive

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