Pinnacle’s DVB-T Solo USB TV tuner can pick up free-to-air digital TV channels. You can watch programmes as they are broadcast or ‘timeshift’ and set a recording for later viewing. This means that for occasions, such as this weekend's Rugby World Cup Final, when you want to record the event as a memento of an historic occasion, you can.

Similarly, if something is broadcast at an inconvenient time - many F1 grand prixs such as those in Japan and China are shown live in the middle of the night - you can schedule a recording and view it at a more civilised hour over your bacon and eggs.

with both Pinnacle's DVB-T Solo and Ultimate TV tuners, a slim aerial sits on your desk and sends signals via the USB dongle to your PC or laptop. An electronic programme guide helps you find and schedule recordings.

Pinnacle has designed the Solo to work with Vista but it can also work with Windows XP with the latest service pack installed.

The DVB-T Solo costs approximately £20.

Pinnacle PCTV DVB-T Solo USB TV tuner

Pinnacle PCTV DVB-T Solo USB TV tuner