In what has been a bit of a week for camera launches ahead of next month's IFA consumer electronics trade show, Nikon has announced launch dates for the D30 and D300 digital SLR (single reflext lens) cameras.

The Nikon D300 is a mid-range digital SLR camera aimed at semi-pros and will carry a price tag of £1,299. It will have a 12.3Mp CMOS, capture up to six frames per second and have a 3in VGA LCD. Nikon say yet fast digital still capture will be possible when the D300 is attached to its multi power battery pack, boosting image capture to 8fps (frames per second).

Nikon claims D3 is world's fastest digital SLR

Nikon is pitching the D300 as a "true, go anywhere camera, delivering fast response, high performance and ease of use that will appeal to anyone serious about their photography". It will power up in 0.13 seconds and has 51 separate autofocus points. As with the D30 which Nikon also announced today, the D300 has a Live View screen that automatically focuses. There are separate Live View modes for handheld and tripod photography.

The Nikon D300 will support an ISO range of 200 to 3,200 with Nikon's image processing sorcery extending this to an equivalent range of ISO 100 to ISO 6,400.

As with other Nikon digital SLRS, the D300 will support wireless transmission via a dedicated wi-fi add-on.

The Nikon D300 costs £1,300 for the camera body alone. Nikon says it will announce pricing for camera and lens bundles for the D300 next month.

Nikon's D30, meanwhile, will be a 12.1Mp full-frame digital SLR camera aimed at professional photographers. It will be able to capture 11fps in full-frame burst mode or 11fps in standard mode. In addition, it will have a 5:4 aspect ratio secondary 'crop' (non-full frame) mode. Aside from Nikon's claim (link to news story) that the D30 will be the world’s fastest full-frame digital SLR, the D30 distinguishes itself by being the first digital camera to sport two memory card slots.

The Nikon D30 will not be available in the UK until November and will compete directly with the Canon EOS 1DS Mark III