Movea has unveiled the Gyration Air Mouse Elite - a computer mouse that also features motion-sensing technology allowing users to make slight wrist movements and gestures in the air when holding the mouse to control a PC.

The mouse features a tiny gyroscope, which measures the angle and speed of movement and subsequently moves the cursor on the PC. It also comes with Movea's MotionTools software - which recognises hand gestures.

Movea says the mouse is suitable for both for left- and right-handed users. The Gyration Air Mouse Elite also has a laser sensor for traditional desktop performance.

"The Air Mouse Elite and the newly-improved MotionTools suite are the culmination of our continued commitment to allow customers to master the art of motion for more effective communications and more immersive entertainment experiences", reads the Movea press release.

Priced at £89.99, the Gyration Air Mouse will be available from Movea's dedicated website for Gyration products.

Movea Gyration Air Mouse Elite

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