Newton Peripherals latest mouse, the MoGo Mouse X54, features an integrated scroll pad and, according to Newton at least, boasts superior tracking ability.

No software drivers are needed, so the mouse comes ready to go. It comes in two versions, the MoGo Mouse X54 and MoGo Mouse X54 PRO, which are both Bluetooth-enabled and wireless and can pop into laptops featuring an ExpressCard/54 slot. The Auto-on function means that when removed from the slot your mouse automatically turns on.

The kickstand on the MoGo Mouse flips out to transform it from a flat metallic device. The design is simplistic with two indented finger pads.

The Mogo Mouse X54 is also versatile - it can easily be switched between mouse mode and multimedia mode to listen to tracks and adjust the volume.

Newton Peripherals says that the Mogo Mouse X54 PRO is aimed at the professional users who use their laptops for business purposes but we think the high portability factor of both of the models will make it appeal to many different types of user. In addition to the mouse mode it also features a presentation mode which enables you to move up and down between slides and use the laser pointer to highlight areas on the slide.

The Mogo Mouse X54 and X54 PRO will be priced at approximately £54.99 and will be available from November.

MoGo Mouse

MoGo Mouse