Kensington has announced its SlimBlade collection of desktop and notebook PC peripherals.

The SlimBlade Lifestyle Collection features a mobile trackball that you can use across any surface. With a simple yet sleek and modern design, the SlimBlade products come in a range of exotically named colours including deep wine, ice blue and graphite. The SlimBlade mouse is also 25 to 35 percent thinner than standard notebook mice - ideal for travelling executives.

The SlimBlade collection includes the thin SlimBlade Presenter Mouse which features 2.4Ghz connection and micro receiver, a laser sensor and a four-way scrollwheel. The presentation mode with backlight technology also informs the user when the presentation is ready to begin.

The SlimBlade Media Mouse is a mouse and media controller in one package that features a laser mouse with 360-degree scrollwheel, multifunctional navigation pad and media control. If you really want to push the boat out you can go for the Presenter Media Mouse which combines the functions of Kensington’s SlimBlade Media and Presenter mouses.

The SlimBlade collection also includes the Trackball Mouse, a full-featured mouse that gives the cursor extra control in tight spaces by entering trackball mode. Bluetooth technology has also been squeezed in for enhanced connectivity and the ability to control using the device up to 30ft from the computer. All of the mouses in the collection go to sleep when the notebook does, in order to conserve power.

The SlimBlade Media Notebook set includes a modular mouse, sleek-looking keyboard, remote and keypad with PC media shortcut keys that are optimised for Vista. The whole range is compatible with Windows XP Home, XP Pro and Vista and Mac OS 10.4.8 and later.

The SlimBlade presenter mouse will be priced at £39.99, media mouse at £44.99, presenter media mouse at £49.99, trackball mouse at £59.99 and the SlimBlade media desktop set will cost £109.99. The SlimBlade range is available now from various online retailers including Amazon.

SlimBlade collection

SlimBlade collection